One Tier Veg Tanned Leather Plant Hanger in Black Abstract

$ 60.00

This plant hanger is made with hand-dyed vegetable-dyed leather creating one-of-a-kind patterns. With clean lines and abstract patterns created from a shibori hand-dying process, this functional piece is a focal point.

A leather cord holds the plant saddle together with adjustable toggles and an adjustable knot at the bottom.  Leather cords come extra long with over 40 inches from the top knot to the bottom of the cord.  Adjust the leather saddle to your desired height and adjust the sliding knot at the bottom.  Trim any excess leather cord to make it your own. 

As with any vegetable-tanned leather, the natural color is dependent on the plants and barks used to tan the leather.  Over time, the color will change and wear giving you a unique patina and color based on your environment and wear.

The photo has a 6" square pot.  A 4" - 7" pots are recommended.

Pots and plants are not included.