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Sneaker workshop - October 13

Sneaker workshop - October 13

$ 200.00

Sunday OCT 13th, 10am - 2pm-ish

The beloved SNEAKER KIT CLASS is back! And I’ll be co-teaching with Rachel Corry (@rachelseessnailshoes) in Portland so you’ll get twice the help.

Developed in the Netherlands, this is a clever NO-GLUE process that produces a comfy sneaker, able to be made in 1-day, and totally able to be adjusted to your design whims! Any color.. Low top, High top, Mid top, laces, buckles.. its all possible with some minor pattern adjustments. CHECK OUT ALL THE POSSIBILITIES HERE!

We will meet at Rachel's studio in PORTLAND.

You'll choose your upper leather, finalize your pattern adjustments, and then work together for a few hours to get the stitching technique just right. You may finish your 2nd shoe during the class, or you may end up finishing it later at home.

Cost includes ‘Sneaker Kit’ rubber soles and insoles in your size, shoe laces, needle and thread, tool use, leather, and instruction!

To sign up for this workshop, please click HERE to register on Rachel's site.