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    • February 13, 2019 Origami Unfolded
      Origami Unfolded At the end of 2018, you may recall that we had an ongoing interactive origami installation. . . Now, the year is 2019, and it’s time to unleash these thoughts and hopes into the universe!  There’s great release in the act of unfolding; it’s a relaxing of structure, and a simplifying of form.  And, most importantly, these messages are now exposed for others to absorb and contemplate.
    • January 06, 2019 Fortune Favors the Bold: Shannon Koszyk at MOO-YOUNG
      Fortune Favors the Bold: Shannon Koszyk at MOO-YOUNG I ask Shannon about where her inspiration comes from, and she unfolds for me a comprehensive system of aesthetic belief, tying her personal history to her love of world history. 
    • December 08, 2018 The Art of Folding and Unfolding
      The Art of Folding and Unfolding From the ceiling of the concept shop, we’ve hung a large hand-tied net.  Before the year is over, this net will be brimming with pieces of origami folded by… you!  As the crowds flowed in and out on the night of our Capitol Hill Art Walk, we asked people to write down a hope or dream for the year to come.  Then, in a quick lesson, we taught them how to fold that peace of paper containing the wish into a simple star box. The net has steadily been amassing these inscribed star boxes ever since, and will continue to fill until the end of 2018.
    • November 17, 2018 Moo-Young does Macramé
      Now in the Concept Shop: Macramé. You might have noticed the resurgence of this splendidly 70’s braided rope craft whether in the nearest West Elm or your nana’s living room.  The practice of decorative knot-tying has found it's way into our shop!  Visit us at Chophouse Row to see for yourself - you might even be lucky enough to catch us tying rope!


    Chophouse Row

    1424 11th Ave Suite C1

    Seattle, WA 98122